Causeway Interactive

Application Development

Let’s say you’ve done your research, scoured SourceForge, chatted up the vendors at conferences, but nobody is making the kind of database or software you need. What now? Custom software development, despite the steady maturation of the industry, can still be risky and very expensive. Even after the initial investment, someone will need to maintain, customize, and support it.  Being a mission-based nonprofit and a software development company isn’t easy!

Sometimes developing your own software is the right answer, though, and we’re happy to report that the kinds of tools we can use to build it (especially web applications) have come into their own over the last few years. Thanks to the open source community, we can stand on the shoulders of giants and create astronomically more value per development hour than ever before.

We can help you through the decision, help you design and specify your system, and even help you through an RFP process with other vendors. We can be your primary development shop, as well as help maintain the applications created without us. We just want to make sure the job is done right.

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