Causeway Interactive

Ongoing Support

Is your organization in need of an on-call IT or web development expert?  How much time can you spend sending out a critical email to supporters, making periodic web updates, or slicing and dicing data for monthly or weekly reports? We’ve found that many nonprofits have a handful of technical tasks that need attention, but do not have enough sustained work to justify hiring a full time web developer or database administrator.

If that seems to describe your current situation then our ongoing support services are just the thing! Nonprofit organizations like yours find that it is valuable and extremely cost effective to outsource these technical but comparatively rare tasks.

Causeway Interactive provides a wide range of flexible ongoing support options.  We will work with your team to determine how best to help you take full advantage of your IT resources.

  • Do you need someone on-call for 10 hours a month? We can do that.
  • Is your web guru going on maternity leave? We can lend a hand until she gets back.
  • Recently lose a database administrator or is your IT team too busy on a big project?  We can help you keep up with the basics.

Regardless of the size of your organization, the nature of technical work, or the amount of assistance you need, we have the talent to help your organization take full advantage of your IT investments. Our administrators are familiar with a wide range of proprietary and open source platforms.  We can serve as an ongoing technology partner in whatever capacity makes most sense.

Contact us to find out how we can help.