Causeway Interactive

Who We Are

Causeway Interactive was started for the purpose of using technology to address persistent organizational and capacity-building problems within the nonprofit sector.  Our integrated set of solutions targets the most significant and powerful ways to improve an organization with the least pain:  Think acupuncture as opposed to a triple-bypass.

Plainly put: nonprofits exist and must thrive because it is not always profitable for the private sector to do the right thing.  While government is capable of addressing some public concerns, political whims bring short memories. That leaves the nonprofit sector; socially conscious private entities and progressive movements to fill the void.

Despite their crucial missions, there are challenges unique to nonprofits. Technology can level the playing field, allowing nonprofits to participate more forcefully in civic dialogue. This is not limited to email outreach and online fundraising alone, but extends to organizational productivity, strategic decision making, and constituency building, allowing organizations to accomplish more without increasing staff, and to collaborate more effectively in order to reach completely new audiences.

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