Causeway Interactive

Technology Consulting

Your technology investment is too significant to leave to chance. Causeway Interactive can help you navigate the process of identifying, evaluating and investing in the right tools for your organization’s operation and growth.

First, we help map out the unique needs of your organization, and then we help you decide how best to address them.

From there, we can help your organization conduct a Request for Proposal process from multiple vendors to identify the best and most cost effective choices.  We provide vendor-agnostic advice, and favor the best tool for the job over any particular brand name.

As your technology partner, we pride ourselves on ensuring that you find the right tools, that they are set up correctly, and that you have what you need to use them well.

We are partners with our clients and we stake our reputation on the success of your organization.

Whether the task is evaluating your current donor database, finding the right email outreach software, or figuring out how your staff can collaborate together more effectively, we have the knowledge, relationships and resources to help you.

Contact us today to find out we can help.