Causeway Interactive

Data Services

The right decisions are difficult to make without the right information. You collect information all the time — from colleagues, volunteers, the media, from everyone and everything in your environment. In order to sift through the available oceans of data, though, you might find yourself devoting a surprising amount of time or resources to collecting, maintaining, and analyzing it.

Don’t worry! We know how to work with data, whether it’s a one-time migration to a new application, such as Luminate CRM or Salesforce or a regular transfer to keep all your systems up to date. Once you have everything running smoothly, though, data can still rot. Addresses, emails, and phone numbers change. Maybe your users are forgetful and create a new account for themselves every few months instead of getting a password reminder. We can work with you to develop ways to keep your data clean and up to date.

Data is so powerful! Let’s make sure you can use it.